Training in the Proper and Full Use of QuickBooks We will train you and your staff in any and all aspects of using QuickBooks. For maximum effectiveness, we will work with you individually to show you those features of QuickBooks that you need for your business. The first step in establishing your training program is to evaluate your particular business and QuickBooks needs. Based on this evaluation, we will determine which elements of QuickBooks will be most beneficial for your organization. We also offer continuing support and ongoing training.
Initial set-up of QuickBooks Avoid future headaches by getting QuickBooks set-up properly when you first start using it. This means establishing adequate income and expense categories to support your need for informed financial decision making. The entire profitability of your business depends on your having the information you need to make the right decisions, not just a rear-view mirror look at what you should have done if you only knew!
Using QuickBooks to Manage Your Company QuickBooks can and should be set-up to give you the timely financial information you need to manage your company properly.
QuickBooks Data Clean-Up If you’ve got a mess on your hands, we’ll help you by: fixing the errors in your QuickBooks data entry reconciling your QuickBooks data with your bank statements reconciling it with your credit card statements, etc. adjusting the profit and loss for proper/useful categorization
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